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We live in a world where people don't want to see or deal with anything that explores those dark corners of our souls. Quality online sites that celebrates the"darker" arts are few and far between.

The collaboration between Schalk and Bleaq was obvious and comfortable. Bleaq is an art blog collecting visual inspiration focussed on the melancholic, bleak and dark side of fine arts, design, illustration, photography and fashion.

"If you look at Schalk’s impressive, varied portfolio it might surprise you to learn that Schalk only started exhibiting his art in 2013. Since then his work has been shown and sold all over the world. No surprise, his strong, expressive portraits are intriguing and attractive due to their fierce colors, bold lines and mysterious glances of those depicted", says curator and founder of Bleaq, Jantine Zandbergen.

"Finding like-minded people that you can share ideas and creativity with isn't always easy. In Jantine and her blog, I found a creative soulmate. Someone who's not afraid to celebrate the macabre and see beauty in what others might label as grotesque', says Schalk.

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