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Constantly seeking new markets and opportunities locally and abroad, Schalk started exploring the vast and exciting art market of the United States a while back. Finding the right partnership takes time, but when Schalk started a dialogue with Peggy Sparks, owner and curator of Artist's Proof Contemporary, it all seemed to fall into place.

"Our gallery in Georgetown, Washington D.C, is an exciting space that brings together people with great contemporary art. We represent some of the best emerging artists from around the world. From Brussels to China and Indonesia to the US, these artists illustrate fine contemporary art with their works of varying styles and genres. Their works are a portrayal of our modern realities and provide glimpses into a rich and diverse history of artistic exploration," says Sparks.

After some in-depth discussions, a selection of Schalk's work left for Washington earlier this month.

"I'm extremely excited about my future with Artist's Proof. The fact that I'll be their first African artists on show is truly an honour. Not knowing the American art market, except for my personal research, it was imperative that I find the right long-term partner. A gallery that can help me grow in the Washington and American market," says Schalk.

To find out more about the gallery and the artists it represent visit

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