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Over the last year SvdmStudio has worked very hard to raise Schalk's profile on all digital platforms. As an artist it's essential in this day and age to have a strong social media footprint. The way the world consumes information has changed so dramatically over the last 5 years, that as an artist you have to keep up, or potentially get left behind.

One of the massive benefits of social media platforms like Instagram, is that the entire world has access to once work. Gone are the days of endless searching and knocking on doors. This amazing tool also allows galleries globally to connect with artists. One such gallery that saw Schalk's work and immediately engaged with the artist was Absolut Art in Cape Town.

Renowned as an investment gallery and with an incredible collection of South African Masters like, Irma Stern,

J. H. Pierneef, William Kentridge and Marlene Dumas, to mention a few, they saw the value that Schalk's art would bring to such a respected space.

"For me the mere thought that I'm sharing a space with some of my art heroes like Kentridge and Pierneef,

is completely mind-blowing! Finding the right partners at this stage of my career is essential and I strongly believes that there's so much room for growth at a gallery like Absolut Art." says Schalk.

For more on Schalk an his work at this gallery visit:

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